Rail Tour 2006 Part1 - Spain

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13th April. Briefing

Barcelona Sants Train Station

[20:10] The train from Salou arrived at Barcelona - Sants Station, where you can change to Sants Estació, the metro station.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

I stayed at Kabul Backpackers Hostel, which is located heart of Barcelona.

Tapas Bar in La Ramblas

After checking in the hostel, I headed out to the city again, and found a nice tapas bar in La Ramblas.

14th April. Barcelona

Plaza Real

There was a little market in front of the hostel (Plaza Real).

Historical Monument

Walking along La Ramblas, I found some historical monuments in the side roads.

Market at Santa Maria del Pi Church

I found a nice market at Santa Maria del Pi Church.

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

Walking around the city, I found the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, the Barcelona Cathedral.

Ice Cake

Walking down the small street from the cathedral, I found a nice bakery and bought an ice cake. It was really nice in such a sunny weather.

Sagrada Familia

Taking a metro, I went to see the Sagrada Família.

Jardins del Palau Reial de Pedralbes

I then took a metro again to look around northwest part of Barcelona. This quiet park seems Jardins del Palau Reial de Pedralbes.

Pabellones Guell

Getting lost for a while, I found the entrance of Pabellones Güell.

Casa Mila

I took a metro back to the city center, went to see Casa Mila and some others around.

Escalator to Parc Guell

Taking metro to Vallcarca, I found escalators leading to Parc Güell.

Parc Guell

Walking around, I found the park is really big.

Main Entrance of Parc Guell

On the way back, I finally found the famous spot of the park.

Centre Comercial Maremagnum

Back to city center, I went to Centre Comercial Maremágnum near the port.

Dinner at Fresc Co

I found a buffet restaurant called Fresc Co, and had a really nice dinner.

La Rambla

Walking La Rambla back to the hostel, I picked my bags and headed to Barcelona - Sants station.

Ticket Hall at Barcelona Sants

There was one problem. I could not make the reservation for the night train I was going to take, but anyway, I waited the train with my luck.

Barcelona Sants Train Station after Closed

[23:00] Night Train Departed. At the end, the train was fully booked and they even could not offer a first class... and I stayed a night at Sants station.

15th April. Madrid and Segovia

Barcelona Sants Ticket Hall in the Morning

[07:00] Ticket Office Opened. First thing in the morning, I bought a 7:30 train ticket to Madrid. I also made the reservation for following train journeys. Oops, it's already past 7:30. The train has just departed when I received all the tickets...

Altaria Grandes Lines

[09:30] Depart to Madrid. Pretending as having a valid ticket, I could board the 9:30 Altaria train to Madrid.

Inside Altaria Train

Rail pass holders are required to make Seat Reservation on every Grandes Lines trains you take including overnight services, costs €6.50 (in 2006). You may want to take Regional / Regional Express trains to avoid the reservation fee.

Seats of Altaria Train

Well here is another problem. I don't have the valid ticket, this means that I don't have a seat...

Dining Coach of Altaria Train

Looking for a seat, I found a nice dining coach in the train.

Madrid Puerta De Atocha Train Station

[14:27] The train arrived at Madrid - Puerta De Atocha 5 minutes earlier than scheduled.


I was planning to go to Alcalá de Henares, but decided not to due to the huge delay caused this morning. I then had a nice lunch outside the Atocha station.

RENFE Regional Train

[16:01] Depart Madrid. I took a Regional Train from Madrid - Atocha.

Segovia Train Station

[17:57] The train arrived at Segovia. The train station was 2KM away from city center, so I took a cab. I showed the driver a drawing, and he took me to the Aqueduct. (Cost €5)

Aqueduct of Segovia

It was really nice time of the day to see the aqueduct. The sunlight was making really nice effect.

City of Segovia

City center was the other side of aqueduct.

Catedral de Segovia

Walking down the street, I found the Cathedral of Segovia.

Alcazar the Castle of Segovia

Walking further down, I found a sign of Alcázar, the Castle of Segovia, known as base of Cinderella Castle.

Vera Cruz Church

Walking down the Castle, there is the Vera Cruz Church.

Shopping Street of Segovia

Walking back to the city center, it was already 10 minutes before departure of the last train to Madrid, and guess what? There was a long queue at the taxi stand.

RENFE Regional Train in Segovia

[20:55] Depart Segovia. Hopefully, I found a bus going to the train station, got on the train just on time.

Night Train at Madrid - Chamartin Station

[22:34] Arrive Madrid Chamartin Station. The train arrived at Chamartin and changed to the night train towards Algeciras.


[23:10] The night train departed. The seating was compartment.

16th April. Córdoba and Sevilla

Cordoba - Central Station in Early Morning

[04:42] The night train arrived at Córdoba - Central station. Of course in this early morning, everything was closed, but I headed out to the city.


Getting lost so many times without a map, I finally found Mezquita.


A doggy was following me all the way from the station.

Mezquita with Roman Bridge

I waited for an hour and half in front of the roman bridge until the sun rose.

Historical Structures

On the way back to the station, I found so many un-touched historical structures along the river.

Cordoba - Central Station

[09:36] Depart Cordoba. Back to the station, I took Andalucia Express to Sevilla.

Sevilla - Santa Justa station

[10:56] The train arrived at Sevilla - Santa Justa station. I then took a local bus for the city center.

Festive People

The street was very crowded with the festival.

Oasis Backpackers Hostel Sevilla

I arrived at Oasis Backpackers Hostel Sevilla where I stayed a night.

View from the Oasis Backpackers Hostel Sevilla

The hostel has a nice terrace and the weather was really nice.

Street in Seville

Back to the city, I walked around to look for a lunch.

Cafe in Seville

I found a cafe, which was quite crowded with local people.


Then I ordered a famous dish, Paella.

Church in Seville

There are so many churches and temples in Seville.

People in White Costume for Semana Santa

Many people were wearing white costume for the celebration of Semana Santa during Holy Week in Seville.

Cathedral of Seville and Giralda

Getting lost the way in narrow streets, I happened to find the Cathedral of Seville and Giralda.

Part of City Walls in Seville

I also found a part of city walls in the middle of the road.

Plaza de Espana

This is one of the most famous places in Sevilla, Plaza de España. You can find here in Star Wars Episode II and some other films.

Torre del Oro Tower

Golden Tower (Torre del Oro Tower) stands next to the river.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

This is Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, the Maestranza Bullring.

Isabel II Triana Bridge

Isabel II, Triana Bridge is the oldest bridge around and is one of the key building in the history of Sevilla.

17th April. Going to Morocco

Seville in Early Morning

[07:15] Left the Hostel. The sky was still dark, but I started walking down to the train station.

Sevilla Santa Justa Train Station

[07:50] Depart Seville. I took the Andalucia Express back to Córdoba - Central station. (arrived at 09:11)

Security Gate at Cordoba Station

[10:25] Depart Cordoba. I changed to Altaria train to Algeciras. There was a security check prior to boarding.

Altaria Train to Algeciras

This Altaria train was quite comfortable.

Ticket Shop for the Ferries to Morocco

[14:20] The train arrived at Algeciras. I found 2 agents selling ferry tickets inside the train station.

Ferry Port in Algeciras

After purchasing a ferry ticket at the station, I walked to the ferry port. The terminal was around 10 minutes walk from the train station.

Departure Lounge in Ferry Terminal

I also found some agents selling ferry tickets in the departure hall. There were also full of African style baggage in the hall.

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