Rail Tour 2006 Part5 - Spain

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Lisbon Station

This travel starts from Part1. Please have a look at Part1 section if you haven't.

[22:01] Lusitania C.Hotel international train departed from Lisbon.

24th April. Cuenca, the Town Built on the Cliff

Madrid Chamartin Station

[07:38] Arrived at Chamartin station in Madrid. The trenhotel from Lisbon was a quite comfortable journey.

Concourse at Chamartin

I've visited Madrid so many times, but this will be the last time in this trip!

Airbus Factory

I had to move to Madrid Atocha station to take a train to the south. I've spotted an Airbus factory on the way. Wondering if they are making the brand new A380 aircraft there?

Garden at Atocha Station

I love Madrid Atocha station because they have a beautiful tropical garden in it.

Street in Madrid

There was time before the next train, so I met with my friend to look around the city.

RENFE Regional Train

[12:23] My next train was the regional train to Valencia.

Cuenca Station

[13:58] After the 2.5 hours jouney to the south, I've reached Cuenca station.

Street to the Old Town

Cuenca is famous for its old town built beside the deep valley, but the rail station is located in the new town where is a bit far away.

Posada de San Jose

Walking for 30 minutes to the direction of the mountain, I've reached the rocky old town! The town has a very different feeling. Guess what this is!? It's the hotel I've stayed, Posada de San Jose. It really look like it is made in the rock.

Narrow street in Cuenca

Narrow street in the old town. It really makes me feel like I am in the ancient world :)

Cuenca Cathedral

Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca, the Cuenca Cathedral is located in the middle of the old town.

Rio Huecar

Cuenca is famous for its deep valley along the river Huécar. The view of the town is very famous photo image, but you will also love the view of the valley from the town!

View Point

Walking further towards the mountain, there will be several view points where you will surely take a snap shot.

Cliff of Old Town

Back to the town, let's look at the buildings closer. They are built on the very edge of the cliff, you can hardly tell from which part is the building.

Hanging House

Beside the hanging bridge, there is the most famous building in the town, the hanging house.

Restaurante Mangana

Had a dinner at Restaurante Mangana in the old town. Don't remember the name, but it must be the local dish, yummy :P

25th April. Valencia, the Seaside City famous for Paella and Orange

Cuenca Station in the morning

[06:30] Depart Cuenca. In order to leave more time to look around in Valencia, I took a very early morning train.

Farm beside the track

Is it the famous orange farm? Don't know...

Platform of Valencia Station

[09:57] Arrive Valencia. After the 3 hours and half train jouney, I finally came to the Mediterranean city of Valencia.

Building in Valencia

Valencia looks very highly developed city. Of course, it is said that Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain.

Plaza de Toros de Valencia

Plaza de Toros de Valencia is located just next to the railway station.

Placa Reina

El Miguelete, the Valencia Cathedral is located next to Placa Reina.

Plaza de la Virgen

The other side of the cathedral is Plaza de la Virgen.

Corts Valencianes

Corts Valencianes, the Valencian Parliament, is located in the Palace of Benicarló

Hall of Columns

Hall of Columns in the Silk Exchange. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Mercado Central

Mercado Central is one of the oldest market in Europe which is still running.

Valencia Station

[15:14] Depart Valencia. Back to the station, I took a regional train along the Mediterranean coast to the south.

Alicante Station

[17:25] Arrive Alicante. 2 hours train jouney took me to another Mediterranean city called Alicante.

Street in Alicante

The city of Alicante is much modern style compared to Valencia.

Santa Barbara Castle

Castillo de Santa Bárbara, Castle of Santa Bárbara, stands on a hill where you can enjoy a whole view of the city.

Narrow Street between Houses

Walking the narrow street to the castle, I passed by the white coloured houses on the way. What a cute houses!!

Parque De La Ereta

Walking further, I reached Parque De La Ereta.

View of Alicante

From there, you will have an amazing view of the city :D Watching the city from there during the sunset is superb!

The Walk Path

The walk path goes round the castle. You might feel scarely at some part, but I like it :)

26th April. Alicante, the Last Day

Inside Mercado Central

Yes, they also have market here in Alicante. Let's have a look at what they offer! Well, there are some shops in lower ground floor, had an escalator inside the market!!!

Beach in Alicante

If you wanna go sun bathing, you've got to come here!

Alicante a Canalejas

There is an monument at Canalejas.

Santa Barbara Castle from Harbor

You will have a whole view of the castle from the harbor.

Airport Bus

It was almost the time for my return flight, so I picked my luggage and took a bus to Alicante airport. It was an hour journey, had a great view of Spanish country side.

Sala VIP Salon Ifach

Had a little lunch at Sala VIP Salon Ifach lounge. They had nice tapas with some snacks :)

bmi at Alicante Airport

My flight was this small aircraft, but no worry because bmi is the full service airliner as part of Star Allowance network. (* bmi has merged into British Airways and left Star Alliance on 31st May 2012)