Round the World Tour 2012 Part3 - United Kingdom

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JAL at Barcelona

This travel starts from Canada. Please have a look at Part1 section if you haven't.

Just before the take off at BCN, I've seen an aircraft really look like Japan Airlines! It must be one of the aircraft waiting to be sold or just been sold due to their bankruptcy.

Day.7 One day in London (15th June)

Bus Stop

If your terminal is 5 and staying either of Sheraton hotel, you will have the option for the lift other than the expensive Hotel Hoppa bus. Take the local bus number 423, get off at McDonald's for Sheraton Heathrow hotel, at Marriot for Sheraton Skyline hotel. Journey around the airport is free of charge, so you just need to smile to the driver when you get on :)

Concorde Aircraft

If you stay at hotels around Heathrow, you've got to see this. Take a local bus 423 to Hatton Cross underground station. The famous super sonic aircraft, Concorde, is parked and you will pass nearby.


Hounslow is the easily accessible shopping area from Heathrow. Hounslow Central is the underground station. There is also a big ASDA if you want to grab some cheap groceries. If you have forgotten something daily use item, and are looking for the cheap products, you may find this kind of shops useful. You may also be able to find 99p stores nearby.

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre

Visiting Ealing Broadway where I used to live. It seems that some of the shops in the shopping centre has changed, looks like it is more crowded than before.

UWL Students Union

Back to school, been to the students' union of the university where I used to study.

Freddies Bar

The bar has been refurbished since my last visit, looks much better than before.


Thanks to my friends, there was a special reunion party for me at the bar.

Me behind the Bar

Am I look like a bar staff?

Day.8 BA Galleries First Class Lounge (16th June)

Terminal 5 Departures

It was another early morning day because my flight, BA332, was departing at 6:50 am. Took 423 bus across the street to Terminal 5.

Repacking Area

Why they have re-packing area at Heathrow terminal 5, the British Airways terminal? I've never seen such area in any other airport... Hey repack us, so we get more spaces!

Sea Food Restaurant

The terminal 5 is a recently completed terminal at Heathrow airport. The futureristic mood in the terminal makes the travel more excited.

BA Galleries First Class Lounge

There were not many people at the British Airways' Galleries First, the First Class Lounge. The lounge was big and clean.

Buffet at BA Galleries First Class Lounge

Breakfast at BA Galleries First, the First Class lounge. They had baked beans and all other dishes you can expect at breakfast. Good that I didn't have breakfast at the hotel. Well, it's sad that I didn't have time to check out their shower :(

First Lounge Food Menu

There are also some menu that you can order to the staff member... but what is the diffrerence from the buffet available?

Travel Continues to Part4 in France

BA Bus

Not much time to explore the lounge, had to rush to the gate. The aircraft was parked somewhere far away from terminal 5, we had to take a bus for bording.