Winter Tour 2008 - Canada

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Air Canada

Air Canada is often a better way to travel to Canada because its fare is often offering free transit to some cities if you fly into Canada with them.


You will need to check the moon condition if you want to see the northern lights. No moon and the clear sky needs to be there on the sky when you see. You will also need to check the Aurora Forecast before you go.

10:30 on 23 Jan 2008

Air Canada Jazz

Taking Air Canada Jazz flight from Vancouver, we flew to Whitehorse. The small aircraft looks very cool with the Star Alliance logo.


Snow Mountains

Soon after the take off, we saw the mountains with snow.


Hide on Jeckell Guesthouse

Hopping on a colectivo, they took us to the hostel, Hide on Jeckell Guesthouse.


Hill Behind the Hospital

Climbing on the hill behind the hospital, we tried to see the northern lights. Unfortunatelly, the weather was too cloudy and snowing.


Night View of Whitehorse

The snow didn't stop for fews hours, so we just had some photo of the city lights.

14:30 on 24 Jan 2008

Whitehorse North

Next day, we went to the supermarket at the north part of the city. The weather was clear but freezing.


Aircraft Landing

It then became clowdy in the evening and the temparature dropped to -30C, so we had no chance to see the lights again.

18:00 on 25 Jan 2008

In the Hostel

This day, the weather was storm all the day until midnight. We gave up going out to see the lights.

10:30 on 26 Jan 2008

Mountain with Flag

Thanks to the storm on previous day, we could wake up early, so we went out for the sightseeing of the city.

Yukon River

It is very freezing day, but Yukon river is not frozen.

Windy Road

Because of the strong wind, the snow is blown like foggy.

Snow Path

The snow has been cleard all the time in the city, but it is still icy on the footbath.

Whitehorse Station

This is the Railway Station where used to have White Pass & Yukon Route in the past.



This is the cafe near the station. The muffin in this cafe was great.


Whitehorse Airport

Everyone has to have the body check at this airport.


Vancouver Airport

We then took the overnight service to Toronto from Vancouver.

06:30 on 27 Jan 2008

Toronto Airport

In the morning, there was a long queue at the cafe at Toronto Airport.


Air Canada Jazz New Cabin Interior

This is the new cabin interior aircraft of Air Canada Jazz, but they didn't turn on the entertainment system while in the air.


HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

This is HI-Ottawa hostel where used to be a jail in the past.

HI-Ottawa Stairs

Doors and Stairs are exactlly what it used to be. Feeling like the scene in the Prison Break.

HI-Ottawa Jail Cell

Jail Cell is now been converted into the dormitory room. They also offer optional daily Jail tour in the evening.


Aviation Museum

This is the aviation museum, but it looks like hanger rather than museum.


Rideau Canal at Night

This is view of the Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal at night.

10:30 on 28 Jan 2008

Rideau Canal

Next day, we joined the free walking tour run by the hostel. Amazingly, they didn't collect the tips at the end of the tour, Recommended!

Parliament Hill

Peace Tower at the Parliament Hill looks like the Big Ben in London.


Rideau Skateway

The Rideau canal becomes the world longest skateway in winter. One of the UNESCO world heritage.

Cafe at Skateway

There are also some cafe on the skateway.


Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails at the Byward Market is the famous meeting point for local people.

National Gallery

National Gallery has a large spider artwork in front.


Ottawa River

Alexandra bridge is connecting Ontario and Quebec.

Parliament Hill from the River

View of Parliament Hill from the riverside.


Ottawa International Airport

The weather became terrible when we arrived at the airport.


Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto

Maple Leaf Lounge at the Toronto International Airport had a salad bar during lunchtime.